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A little bit about the game structure

This is overdue, so I thought it would be nice to explain how the levels and world will be set up. I am looking in dividing the game into World then into Levels. Each world will be based on a theme much like Mario and Donkey Kong games.  Right now I am looking at having 5 worlds with 5-8 levels each. The overworld map will look like a mix of Chrono Trigger and Super Mario World. Where you have the free roaming of being able to move your character in all direction. Certain levels can be unlocked by doing certain things that will create the overworld to react and change dynamically like in Super Mario World. The first world is pretty basic, but also is probably the hardest for me to do art for. Here is a little bit of something of what I did before I took a break on the project.

New Wind

I feel very good since I have restarted work on Wind. I think it is because I truly believe that this project will work. I am aiming to have all tiles related stuff at least all sketched for the end of May.

On another note, my friend was just accepted into the Game Design program he applied for. I am so happy for him. He definitely worked hard to get in and totally deserves it. It also gave me more “wind” in my sails to want to finish this game. I think it is time to truly put my all in finish this game and get serious about my dreams.

Here is a quick sketch to you all to hold you while more stuff is coming. =)

Live from Germany

No, I am not dead, nor is Wind. Although it is very clear we missed our Feb 28th deadline, we don’t plan to let that break the project.

Now for those that do not know, I am currently in Germany on exchange for the summer. Althought my free time has been greatly reduced I still plan to work on the Wind during that time.

Now for a status report. Chris has translated the original Wind engine under Lua. As for me, I have been slowly making the art for World 1. Unfortunately, my perfectionist habit came back. It seems during the compo, I was more productive. In any case expect some more updates soon. Also, I plan to read up on everyone else project. Its been a while since I kept up with Gruedorf.

Setting the framework

So much of the work I have been doing lately as been conceptual. We also established a scope to the game project and we set the total of worlds to five. Within each of the five worlds will be 5-8 different levels/places. The theme of most of the worlds have been chosen and they will be rather fun to work with. We also established our first deadline on which we must have finished world 1.

February 28th 2009!

Expect more details about world 1 next week!

Anouncement + Compo Judging Results

So the Compo results are out, you can see them here.

Although we are disappointed of the results, we enjoyed very much making this game. Also, we are glad that we were able to make pthaloearth’s 2-year old laugh. We clearly did something right. ;-) We believe that the game shows much potential and can become something bigger and better. That is why we decided to turn what was originally a demo into a full game!!!!

Stay tuned in the following weeks for more details! =D

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